There was a Fortnite challenge that week in Fortnite Items for sale which you have to get kills suppressed weapons. With the suppressed SMG vaulted that leaves only the pistol and AR, but now you might have another option on the table, an impending suppressed sniper rifle.The escape comes from sexy fresh Fortnite leaker Lucas7Yoshi who seems like he is first to what these days. The weapon was rumored for a longlong time now, but files for it had been just put in the game itself recently, and it may be coming in the very next patch this forthcoming week.

The Heavy Sniper does more harm but the speed here is almost half of the weapon. Both these models can one-hit body shot without the guards, and one-hit headshot through 100/100 health/shields, therefore being silenced isn't diminishing the sniper's capacity to insta-kill enemies in any way, really. It does do a bit less harm the conventional bolt-action, but not by much, and in the majority of situations, especially headshots, it won't matter.

The debut of yet another sniper is fortnite traps Epic distributing out the battlefield. Last week introduced the boom box which has made close-up build conflicts more or less likely if a person is on the field. When boom boxes don't matter However, you understand? Long distance away when you are sniping enemies from a long.

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