Maplestory M Mesos seems that this is an MMO that you can play your own way. With XP and character advancement accessible through many different means, you aren't forced to play with any single way.I was lucky enough to have a short catch up through messenger for a conversation using Miyoung Oh, MapleStory M's Lead Game Designer to ask some questions about their vision for the game and important changes in the original MapleStory title.

The change in the 2D side-scrolling game into a 3D world is a big change. Was this your eyesight for MapleStory? Lead Game Designer, Miyoung Oh -- There are a lot of things which can be different features from MapleStory, but we wanted to further develop character customization because we thought of this sequel.We wanted to try out various things that may only be completed in 3D because there's a limit to character customization in 2D; Maple Workshop, various dance emotes, hats and hairstyles where you are able to change the position or length, etc.. Once we decided on it, shifting it was decided.

PowerUp! -- The home is an exciting quality of buy Maplestory mobile mesos. What made you employ it and what plans do you need to entice players to build their houses? Lead Game Designer, Miyoung Oh -- Considering that the map itself is in block form, map creation was very simple for the planners and other members operating on maps, but not only for designers. Then we believed this could be easy and fun for players also and they need to check it out since it's made up of blocks. We are in talks with Nexon America about advice on the best way to develop the housing content. Please look forward to it since it's going to be shown at the ideal time.

Together with customisation seeming to be the focus of Maple Story two, it is true that every character and their house can feel exceptional with the plethora of alternatives available to them. But I was curious about professions in addition to the class system. Any plans to add class? For those people who can't make our minds.There are not any plans yet. What is the strategy to make livelihood more significant in MapleStory M?

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