Some OSRS players flock to whatever Buy Runescape gold puts out whether it is on Instagram or even YouTube or to dislike or post negative remarks. Others are out of frustrated Runescape3 players who want to show off their aggravation from the last couple years in order that they dislike every RuneScape video regardless.

Finally it's from gamers who believe Jagex will not follow through with their promises due to their history. I believe that covers it.Only complaint is every 3 months were becoming double xp weekends,

The sector is never regaining and is altered now people are expecting these double XP weekends and only entices them to instruct particular skills only on dual XP weekend. Can't it go back to every six months.

There's literally an infinite number of things that may be added/fixed to help Runescape thrive like we all know it can in 2019....But together with the manner OSRS gold is going and with how Careless/Unmotivated these mods are it aint gonna last a lot longer.

There are a really select few mods who have such dedication to Runescape....but its sad to see Runescape might not be long enough before they get their opportunity to make the defining mark on this amazing game. The Osrs Mod Team includes a set of people and will bring OSRS thrive for many years. . .that it will outlast the first version of the Game.

Posted on 04-25-2019 02:34:27



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