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A Router is a device that is connected to the fixed telephone network and that converts telephone signals into Internet data; is a device that selects or chooses a path or routes in computer networks to send them information packets.Enterprise routers are basic product for any business/enterprise.



In technical terms, information packets are transferred from their source to a destination through intermediate nodes, which in this case corresponds to the Router as the physical device in question.


The Router that we see in homes and offices fulfills the function of creating wireless networks, which in practical terms is normally used to connect to the Internet without the need to connect a cable physically to our computers.

Among the advantages and disadvantages of a Rounter we mention the following: 

Advantages of a Router

Among the advantages that a Router offers us, we mention the following:

·                     They are configurable.

·                     They are relatively easy to maintain once configured.

·                     Prevents the presence of intruders.

·                     They are not affected by the contrasts of delay times as in bridges.

·                     They are not topologically limited.

·                     They are intelligent and can select the most advisable path between two or more simultaneous connections.