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Casual workers refer to a broad category of workers whose business relationship with the organization for those who perform the work operates on a restricted time basis based on a contingency such as a large workload or special projects. The use of casual workers allows employers to maintain a central workforce and complement that group of employees according to the changing needs of the business. Contingent workers are divided into several classifications, such as temporary agency worker, seasonal worker and independent worker, among others.


Advantages: employer

In almost all cases of contingent labor commitments, with the exception of the direct contracting of a Contingent Employmentworker for a seasonal interval, the contracting organization has the benefit that another person manages such things as payroll, Paid vacation time, health insurance and other administrative responsibilities. Self-employed professionals manage their own benefits. In other circumstances, while the worker works as an employee, it is through a third-party employer, such as a temporary employment agency or an employee of a leasing company that is responsible for payroll and administration of benefits. This provides the company with the hiring with a considerable saving of costs related to the personnel.


Advantages: worker

The strength of the profile varies with the circumstances and, in fact, can vary greatly from one worker to another during the course of the evolution of his career. Flexibility is a key advantage. Casual workers can have highly structured jobs at certain times and under certain circumstances, such as those of a seasonal worker in a greenhouse during the summer or a retail store at Christmas, or that of a temporary receptionist who must operate the plant in a strict schedule. However, even in these cases, the worker has the flexibility to take time off between assignments or to use this job as a starting point, whether for a full-time job or to develop more profitable independent work or a business of consulting.